Professor Lauterborn is widely recognized as an influential figure in the study of advertising. He is perhaps best known as one of the pioneers of Integrated Marketing Communication. He co-authored the best-selling book "Integrated Marketing Communication: Pulling It Together And Making It Work" (NTC,1993) in which he created the Four Cs model: Consumer, Cost, Convenience and Communication.

Here is how it relates to hotels in 2014.


Focus on discovering your client's needs by seeking feedback and testing markets. Hotels must find out what their guests want and then provide it.


Discover what sacrifices a guest must make in order to stay at your hotel. Hoteliers focused on the cost part of their business model must decide how flexible their prices are and at what point their guests will decide to stay elsewhere. A room package aligned with the guest’s needs would be priced higher, as the guest has a lower personal cost to obtain that product.


Hotels need to make purchasing a room as convenient as possible for the guest. With the rapid growth of internet availability guests expect to see availability, choose and pay online and get rapid confirmation of their booking. Filling out an email form for someone to ring back no longer cuts it. Hotels that practice convenience offer guests more payment choices and flexible options when they book a room.


Hoteliers know communicating with guests to discover how to improve their service is essential. Those that make sure they learn from what their guests have to say enjoy an increased opportunity for branding and repeat business.

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